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Coaching for Online Business Owners

Are you a virtual assistant and/or online business owner struggling with mindset?  Do you have struggle with moving your business or life forward because of disorganization, stress and frankly, not enough hours in the day?   


Let me help! 


For over 15 years, I was in the corporate world in marketing, sales, administration, and member services.    I was constantly ran down, frustrated with progress and lack of accountability.  There were new employees hired making more than me and I had to train them!  Talk about ridiculous!  During this time, I was searching for something better…for me.  A career, not just a job.  A career that would allow me to be my own boss, have a flexible schedule, make money and most importantly, be present for my kids.  

I literally stumbled upon the virtual assistant movement and was fascinated!  I could work from home doing what I am good at and make money, all the while, being there for my family.  It couldn’t get any better!

Fast forward two years, and I noticed a disconnect within the virtual assistant community.  There are agencies and individual business owners competing against each other.  If you have worked for an agency, you already know the pros and the cons.  Individual business owners often struggle because they simply do not know where to start and they still have the ‘employee’ mentality.  I want to change both of those!

Book your 90 minute coaching with Staci today to get started! 

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Online Business Manager: Organized and Efficient

Monthly Packages starting at $2,500


What would you do with an extra hour or two a day?   Staci will help lead your team towards your business goals, get you back on track, & reduce stress so you can focus on more important yourself!


Services included are:

  • Tech - Website build, updates & automations 

  • Team Management & Organization

  • Metrics

  • Data Entry

  • Reports 

  • CRM Management

  • Social Media Post

  • Follow Ups 

  • eBooks 

  • Presentations 

  • PDF

  • Weekly Newsletters

  • SOP

  • Company Manual

  • Payroll, AR, AP