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Meet Staci

Just a little bit about me:

  • I am an entrepreneur

  • Avid outdoors person (seriously, anything outside, I'm game)

  • Fitness enthusiast—previously certified personal trainer

  • Mother of three amazing kids

  • Dog & cat mom

  • Married to a great guy

  • I absolutely love learning anything that gets the old noggin's wheels spinning

  • Art—especially music and painting

  • I am a proud native Nebraskan 

​To make a long story short I have been working since I was 14. After the age of 20, I was a single mother for 10 years, then married to my soul mate and added two more kids to the mix. I have attended college classes to get that "paper" but we all know experience counts more and offers more education than any course can give.

From personal trainer to owner of a of my own business, Staci Spencer-Hoyt LLC, I am a constant learner and not afraid to change. I believe that you are not tethered to one career or goal your entire life because we care constantly changing. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago so why would my goals be? In my view, people either embrace change or the run from it.

After 15 years of business & marketing consulting and online business management, I started Staci Spencer-Hoyt LLC in January, 2021. My specialities ranged from general admin, online business manager, marketing manager, tech and grant proposal writing.  I have worked with individual clients as well as agencies. Through this process I learned that I did not want to work for another agency so I built my own expert team. We are not an agency but a TEAM of experts to help your business grow.

I developed my team with two goals in mind.
1. COMMUNICATION There should be a constant flow of communication between everyone involved. All parties being on the same page is inherent to the success of the relationship as well as the businesses involved.
2. HONESTY As a business owner myself, it is detrimental to me, my business, if dishonestly is allowed. Period. Dishonesty is not tolerated on any level. 

My team will help your business grow with dedicated support and collaboration.

-Staci Hoyt

CEO & Founder



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