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Meet Staci

Just a little bit about me; I am an entrepreneur, avid outdoors person (seriously, anything outside I'm game), fitness enthusiast (previously certified personal trainer), mother of three amazing kids, dog & cat mom, married to a great guy, I absolutely love learning (anything that gets the old noggin's wheels spinning), music, painting and I am a proud native Nebraskan.  

​After over 15 years in the corporate world, I decided to forge my own path and help women professionals in education, health and wellness in a direct way.  I started Staci Spencer-Hoyt LLC at the beginning of 2021.  I specialize in tech, website maintenance & support. 

​​I love to connect with women business owners to help them not only streamline their processes but, increase efficiency as well without increasing costs.  In doing so, I can help facilitate growth for these businesses including my own. I love helping others succeed!

-Staci Hoyt

Business Coach



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