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You Need an Assistant You can Trust to Help Build Your Business and Surpass Your Goals

Many business owners or managers are hesitant about hiring a virtual assistant because they don't know where to look or what to look for.   Either you have had a bad experience or know someone who has.  Staci Spencer-Hoyt LLC hiring and vetting practices are different than other agencies.  

Staci started out in the virtual assistant world working for assistant agencies.  She noticed right away why so many business owners thought badly of virtual assistants. 

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Staci believes that experience and open communication are key to alleviating any hesitation clients may have.  

Staci insists on communication across one of three different platforms (depending on preference) *Asana, *Slack, or *Trello.   No private texts, emails, or messages should go between clients and virtual assistants, thus creating an open-aired conversation that helps everyone see what is being done and who is doing it.  Staci requires that any meetings between clients and assistants be recorded (Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, etc.). These recordings are used as "notes" for the virtual assistant.  

Having all communication open and recording meetings will also help any virtual assistant that has to step in because the assistant assigned needs to take time off or goes on vacation.  This will allow another virtual assistant to step in without missing a beat.  

Recording does not apply to proprietary information.  Clients should feel free to ask that any section of meetings not be recorded, should they feel uncomfortable.

The client, their assigned virtual assistant, and Staci will have access to recordings and messaging platforms.  Should private texts or emails be transmitted between client and virtual assistant, Staci will ask that she be added in to the message chain.  This is a Staci Spencer-Hoyt LLC policy.  

"When business owners and virtual assistants can communicate across one platform to keep not only themselves but myself in the loop, all are accountable across the board."  - Staci Spencer-Hoyt

What Makes Staci Spencer-Hoyt LLC Special?
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  1. Staci, Founder & CEO, started out as a virtual assistant so she understands what businesses like yours are looking for and how to find the ideal assistant for a wide variety of businesses. 

  2. All virtual assistants are located in the United States.  

  3. Our time tracking system records time down to the minute so you are not over-paying for services.  

  4. Our clients are assigned with an assistant who will fit their needs.  

  5. Our Virtual Assistants are specialized in a variety of expertise including (but not limited to) social media managers, online business managers, website designers, tech support virtual assistants, and more!  

  6. Every one of our Virtual Assistants has at least five years of experience as a virtual assistant in their given specialty.   Clients are matched to Virtual Assistants using a process that gets to know you, your business, and your goals. 

  7. We encourage continuing education of all our Virtual Assistants.  

  8. We take security very seriously.  From VPN to vaults like Last Pass, our virtual assistants utilize the latest and safest technology to make sure your information is safe. 

Benefits of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  1. No Overhead- Virtual assistants are usually small business owners themselves and are considered independent contractors.  They have their own equipment and space to work.  You are not financially responsible for any office space, equipment, or taxes and insurance. 

  2. Virtual Assistants Availability- Virtual Assistants are located all over the US.  Many perform work in different time zones to increase availability to clients.  They can work literally anywhere!

  3. Focus and Increased Efficiency- You will be able to focus on the more important aspects of your business because your Virtual Assistant is taking care of the tasks that hold you back.  If you aren’t familiar with a task, a Virtual Assistant is trained and specializes in specific areas so they will be able complete the project, giving you exceptional results.

  4. Experts – Virtual Assistants are experts in their field, combining education and real-world experience. 

  5. Operational Scalability – A Virtual Assistant will grow with your business.  They will be managing your teams, offering suggestions, and supporting all aspects of your booming business.   

  6. Peace of Mind- Your Virtual Assistant will save you time, money, and help reduce stress, giving you peace of mind knowing that your business is in the right hands. 

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