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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have writing grants?

Staci Hoyt, CEO & Founder, has 10 years experience writing grants.  She has written grants/proposals for educational institutions, non-profits organizations as well as private sector businesses and research proposals as well.  Staci attends seminars and is a member of the Grant Professionals Association as well as Grant Writers of America.  Staci research and discuss with you what type of grant/funding are available for you and the process that follows.

How can I contact you and what is your response time?

The lines of communication will always be open!  You can email, text/call or schedule a Zoom meeting in addition to our weekly Zoom meeting that is a part of every service/package.  

Response time is 24 hours for email and same business day for call/text.  If calls/texts are received after 4 pm CST on Fridays they will be answered before 10 am CST the following Monday.