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What if I don't like the messaging platforms that are being used?  

How do you find the right virtual assistant for me?

Staci understands why it is so important to find a good fit.  You will rely on this virtual assistant so they need to be hardworking, ethical, and experienced.  

You will fill out our proprietary onboarding form which will go over:

  • Time Zone

  • Client's operating system, platforms, etc. 

  • Required skill set

  • Personality and work behavior 

After completing the questionnaire, a virtual assistant will be assigned to you within 24 hours.  If needed, Staci will reach out to set up a time to meet (over Zoom).  She will go over your answers and dig deeper into your needs and your business. 


The utilization of assessment tools help us to identify potential assistants strengths and weaknesses.  By understanding this, we are able to expertly match each client with the best virtual assistant. 


It is Staci's mission to make sure clients are matched with an assistant who will fit well into their business, have a great rapport, and communicate well.  

I need a specialist. Are your virtual assistants specialized or experts in their field?

A majority of the time, yes.  Virtual Assistants are usually small business owners themselves, so this is closer to a B2B relationship. They have developed their skills over time and have served other businesses as well.  

This is different than hiring an employee—the virtual assistant is already highly trained in their area and will continue to refine their skills.  

Staci wants you to be happy and communicate efficiently.  If a client does not like Asana, Slack or Trello, Staci asks that she is cc'd in any emails between client and virtual assistant.  If texting, please include Staci in group text.  

This policy is in place so everyone who is helping your business succeed are all on the same page.  Should your virtual assistant have an emergency or be on vacation, having a trail of communication will help those who fill in.  

Will I really save money hiring a virtual assistant?

Absolutely!  The average administrative assistant employee will make around $55,000 per year.  As an employer you will also be responsible for federal & state taxes, insurance, plus equipment, and office space.  

Each Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor and Staci Spencer-Hoyt LLC ensures W9 will be completed.  The client does not pay for office space, equipment, taxes, or insurance on independent contractors.  

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