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I help women in education, health and wellness stay on track, reduce stress and surpass their goals.  
Staci Hoyt, CEO Spencer-Hoyt Virtual Assistant, specializes as an online business manager, grant writer and business coach. 


Pulling your hair out trying to manage all aspects of your business and family?  

"I have a meeting at 10 and the website is still not working!"

"The game is at 6 and I haven't finished the newsletter, looks like I will be trying to finish it on my phone."


If this sounds like you (first off sit down and breathe) you are not alone! Running a business along with staying present for your kids is hard.  Sometimes business tasks are pushed off until tomorrow or on your phone while at events. 


Well let me ask you this:

What would you do with an extra hour or two a day?   Staci is a mom of three and it is her business to help you with yours!  She will help lead your team towards your business goals, get you back on track, & reduce stress so you can focus on more important yourself and your family! 


Services available:

  • Tech - Website build, updates & automations 

  • Team Management & Organization

  • Metrics

  • Data Entry

  • Reports 

  • CRM Management

  • Social Media Post

  • Follow Ups 

  • eBooks 

  • Presentations 

  • PDF

  • Weekly Newsletters

  • SOP

  • Company Manual

  • Payroll, AR, AR

Don't take it from me...


Coaching for Online Business Owners

Are you a virtual assistant and/or online business owner struggling with mindset?  Do you have struggle with moving your business or life forward because of disorganization, stress and frankly, not enough hours in the day?   


Let me help! 


For over 15 years, I was in the corporate world in marketing, sales, administration, and member services.    I was constantly ran down, frustrated with progress and lack of accountability.  There were new employees hired making more than me and I had to train them!  Talk about ridiculous!  During this time, I was searching for something better…for me.  A career, not just a job.  A career that would allow me to be my own boss, have a flexible schedule, make money and most importantly, be present for my kids.  

I literally stumbled upon the virtual assistant movement and was fascinated!  I could work from home doing what I am good at and make money, all the while, being there for my family.  It couldn’t get any better!

Fast forward two years, and I noticed a disconnect within the virtual assistant community.  There are agencies and individual business owners competing against each other.  If you have worked for an agency, you already know the pros and the cons.  Individual business owners often struggle because they simply do not know where to start and they still have the ‘employee’ mentality.  I want to change both of those!

Book your 90 minute coaching with Staci today to get started! 

Are you trying to find funding for your nonprofit?  Confused about where to look for small business grants? 

Let me take away the confusion on grant proposal writing.  I am an experienced in grant writing for non-profit, small business & research.

  • I will sit down with you to analyze your business or nonprofit to understand the many components that are required in order to receive funding.

  • I will research 990 giving history, funding requirements and priorities to make sure your business/organization is a good fit for the grants available.

  • I will provide you with an evaluation and recommendations to make your business/organization ready for the grant process.


Advantages of Staci writing, editing and tracking your grant proposals:​

  • Staci can provide you with LOI (letter of intent), Full Grant proposals/applications, Evaluations and Summaries.

  • Staci will craft the construct the right message to the correct audience giving you the best chance for funding.


Staci is a member of Grant Writers of America and Grant Professionals Association.